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Thanksgiving Placemat Activity Pack

Thanksgiving Placemat Activity Pack

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Thanksgiving Printable Activity Pack for Kids | 5-Page Fall-Themed Worksheets | Thanksgiving Placemat Fun & More!

Delight the little ones this festive season with a fun and engaging 5-page Thanksgiving Printable Activity Pack designed especially for kids! Whether it's during the Thanksgiving meal, preparing for the big day, or just a cozy fall afternoon, this set of worksheets offers a wonderful blend of creativity, fun, and reflection.

This Pack Includes:

Page 1 - Thanksgiving Activity Bonanza: Dive into an array of games and tasks with our comprehensive activity sheet. Let your kids enjoy a word search, challenge themselves with a word unscramble, creatively draw their ideal Thanksgiving meal, compete in a tic-tac-toe game, express their gratitude in the "I am Thankful For" section, and color a festive turkey.

Page 2 - Gobble Gobble Coloring Page: Celebrate the essence of Thanksgiving with a vibrant coloring page brimming with turkeys, season-fresh pumpkins, fluttering leaves, and a delectable slice of pumpkin pie.

Page 3 - Thanksgiving iSpy Extravaganza: Add a dash of mystery and fun with the iSpy activity page. Can your little one spot all the turkeys, pies, pumpkins, corn, sunflowers, and leaves?

Page 4 - Reflect & Rejoice Gratitude Page: It's all about gratitude this season! This page invites your child to pen down what they are thankful for and also draw an image that symbolizes their gratitude.

Page 5 - Heartfelt Thankful Cards: An activity with a lovely gesture! Kids can draw their favorite person on these cards and jot down reasons for their gratitude. After coloring and completing, they can lovingly cut out these cards and gift them.

*Dimensions: 11×8.5 in.

Perfect For:

Family gatherings
School activities
Preparing kids for Thanksgiving
Rainy fall afternoons
Homeschool activities
Road Trips and holiday travel

Get your kids into the festive spirit with this heartwarming printable pack. Makes for a memorable bonding time and keeps them engaged and entertained! Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃🍂🥧

Terms of Use: These printables are for personal use only. Resale, redistribution, sharing files, alterations, and/or commercial use of any kind is prohibited!

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