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Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

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Add a sprinkle of Christmas magic to your gift exchanges with our "Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Game"! This entertaining game will bring laughter, suspense, and delightful surprises as you unwrap, swap, and pass gifts around. Whether you're with family, friends, or coworkers, this game is sure to bring everyone closer together and make the unwrapping process unforgettable!

How to Play:

šŸŽ Begin by having each player randomly select a wrapped gift from the pile.

šŸŽ² Taking turns, each player will roll a die and follow the given instructions:

Roll a 1: Steal a gift from another player.
Roll a 2: Keep your gift safe this round.
Roll a 3: Everyone passes their gift to the left.
Roll a 4: Everyone passes their gift to the right.
Roll a 5: Unwrap your gift. But here's a twist! If you happen to hold your own gift, you'll have to pick someone else's to unwrap.
Roll a 6: Pick two players and make them swap their gifts!
šŸ”„ Play just one round for quick fun, or multiple rounds to keep the suspense going. At the end of the game, the gift you're holding is yours to cherish!

Perfect For:

Family gatherings
Office parties
Christmas get-togethers
Secret Santa events
This game is not just about the gifts, but the joyous moments and memories created in the process. Order now and let the dice decide your festive fate! šŸŽ„āœØ

(Note: Game does not include dice or gifts. Players need to provide their own wrapped gifts for the exchange.)

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