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Build A Jack-o-Lantern

Build A Jack-o-Lantern

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Build-A-Jack-o-Lantern Printable Set

Unleash your creative spirit this Halloween with our fun and interactive Build-A-Jack-o-Lantern Printable!

Perfect for crafting sessions, classroom activities, or festive family fun. With this user-friendly design, you can craft a unique pumpkin masterpiece every time.

What You Get:

Pumpkin Base Page: A blank pumpkin canvas waiting to be adorned with spooktacular faces!

Faces Galore Page: A variety of pumpkin faces, including eyes, noses, and mouths, to make your Jack-o-Lantern uniquely yours.


Unlimited Prints: Want more pumpkins to decorate? No problem! Print as many pumpkin and face sets as you wish.

Mix & Match: Play around with different face combinations! Whether you want your pumpkin to be scary, silly, or anywhere in between, our set offers endless possibilities.

Customizable Experience - Here's how you can enhance the fun:

Laminating: For a durable and long-lasting Jack-o-Lantern activity, consider laminating the pumpkin and face pieces. This way, they're spill-proof and tear-resistant.

Velcro Attachments: After laminating, add Velcro pieces to your pumpkin and face parts. This transforms the activity into a reusable mix and match game, ideal for little hands and young minds.

Recommended for:
Craft enthusiasts, teachers, parents, and anyone looking to add a pinch of creative fun to their Halloween festivities. Suitable for all ages – kids and adults can enjoy the experience of creating their own Jack-o-Lanterns without the mess of pumpkin guts!

Bring your pumpkin to life, one face at a time. Happy crafting and Happy Halloween! 🎃✨

Terms of Use: These printables are for personal use only. Resale, redistribution, sharing files, alterations, and/or commercial use of any kind is prohibited!

*This is not a physical product. No product will be shipped to you.

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